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DJ Grant

Inspiring DJ and MC

Meet the music maestro, DJ Grant – a Miami Beach native with beats in his blood! Born and bred in the heart of Florida’s party scene, his musical journey kicked off early, tinkling the piano keys before he could even tie his shoelaces.

From jamming out on jazz piano during high school and college to setting stages ablaze with various bands and musicians, Grant’s musical evolution has been nothing short of legendary.

And that’s just the tip of his sonic iceberg. As a pro, he’s composed and sold original scores for TV shows, games, websites, and even those catchy company commercials you can’t escape. Not to mention his tracks gracing the works of artists like Eric Monterosa and his electric live performances alongside an array of mind-blowing talents.

Jumping into the wedding and corporate scenes in 2013, DJ Grant’s career swerved in a thrilling new direction. Now, he’s a full-throttle DJ, MC, and musician extraordinaire, breathing life into weddings and events of every kind.

From pumping beats for Uber to igniting the atmosphere at events for FIU, Nova Southeastern, and even revving up the Ford Motor Championship, Grant’s versatile artistry knows no bounds. His prowess in blending genres for every culture is only rivaled by his magnetic charisma that fuels the crowd.

With a heart set on crafting unforgettable moments for clients, Grant is all about delivering an unforgettable experience. When he hits the decks, be ready for a ride that’ll make memories to last a lifetime!

Specializes in

Top 40’s, World sounds

Fluent Languages

English, Basic Spanish


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DJ Grant, hailing from Miami Beach, began his musical journey with jazz piano and evolved into a renowned composer for TV and artists like Eric Monterosa. Since 2013, he's dominated the event scene, collaborating with big names like Uber and Ford Motor Championship. With a knack for genre-blending and unmatched charisma, Grant delivers unforgettable musical experiences.

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