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DJ Lance

Inspiring multilingual DJ and MC

Get ready to groove with DJ/MC Lance, the party pro who’s been rocking the scene for a thrilling 12 years! He’s left a trail of awe-inspiring events that have the town buzzing.

From sizzling residencies at hotspots like Club Spice, Justin’s Aventura, Fritz & Franz Bierhous, and the legendary JBar in Ft. Lauderdale, Lance’s dynamic skills know no bounds. He’s a maestro of House, Latin, and Hip Hop, ensuring the crowd won’t stop dancing till dawn.

This multi-talented sensation has shared the spotlight with legends like Sting, the iconic Wyclef Jean, and the sensation RBD. But that’s not all – Lance’s voice has become the signature sound for Verizon Wireless, Miami Heat, and UM Sports. Spot him igniting the energy at festivals all across the Florida map.

So, whether it’s a wedding, a mega corporate bash, spinning tunes at exotic destination weddings, throwing parties that reach all the way to the Midwest, or taking the stage as the master of ceremonies for that special day – Lance is your ultimate go-to.

Oh, and here’s the kicker: Lance even globe-trotted for a whole year with Celebrity Cruises, and he’s still as electric as ever. Don’t miss out on this wild ride!

Specializes in

Top 40’s, Latin, World sound

Fluent Languages

English, Spanish


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For 12 years, DJ/MC Lance has rocked venues from Club Spice to JBar, sharing stages with icons like Sting. With expertise spanning House to Hip Hop and collaborations with brands like Verizon Wireless, Lance is the go-to for unforgettable events, from weddings to cruises. Experience the electric energy of Lance's beats!

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