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DJ Ricky

Inspiring Multilingual Singer and DJ

DJ Ricky is a native Miami DJ / MC/ Singer with over a decade of experience.Known for his energetic personality at Weddings, Corporates, and Bar mitzvahs.DJ Ricky is an essential part of a successful event.

Even though he has been passionate about music since childhood, Hebegan his music career as a DJ in 2012. He started doing private parties, family andneigborhood functions while singing at his local church. After a few years, he startedworking professionally as a DJ and Singer for weddings and corporate events.

After about 300 multicultural events under his bealt, his intrigue and love forspinning and making crowds of people dance has not changed. His goal is to keep allhis clients happy and for everyone to enjoy his music on the dance floor. Hespecializes in R&B, Hip Hop,Top 40s, Caribbean, and so much more. He ready to giveyou a party you will never forget

Specializes in

R&B, Hip Hop, Top 40s, Caribbean

Fluent Languages

English, French, Haitian


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DJ Ricky, a Miami-based DJ, MC, and singer, boasts over a decade of experience, lighting up events with his dynamic energy. With a background in church singing and expertise in genres like R&B, Hip Hop, and Caribbean, he's committed to making every event unforgettable on the dance floor.

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